Michelle O’Brien, Head of Programming, Loop Summit at Ableton

I work as a curator, program manager and event producer for international cultural organizations and arts festivals. I cannot sing high enough praise for Gil Bar-Sela. His work is both highly personal and inspirational. He presents an enlightened viewpoint that allows us to shift perspectives away from blame and judgment, and cultivate a path of empathy and respect for multiple narratives, beliefs and truths. He provides his audience with a powerful toolkit that can be practiced in everyday life. I see great value in companies, festivals, conferences, charities and other influential organizations that foster positive personal, social and political change, in hosting a talk or workshop by Gil Bar-Sela. In this tense time of global socio-political tension and polarization, and in an age where we are more inter-connected through technology, but arguably also more socially isolated than ever, Gil’s teachings can help foster inter-personal connection and community-building, as well as laying pathways towards resolution of conflict. Gil’s work brings hope for positive change, both individually and globally, and his expertise is more relevant and important today than ever before.



Stephen Black, Vice President, Marketing at BECU Credit Union 

“Gil. I'm very impressed with how well you led this workshop. I found it completely relevant and practical in so many ways. Thank you as always for being so open, sharing your generous spirit and brining people together for a lasting communal experience. Bravo my friend." 


Revital Ever. Senior Consultant at Loft 9

"Being a management consultant I found Gil’s workshop highly enlightening and effective. I’ve learned how to better approach situations and bring people along. I’ve learned how to deal with change and enable others in the process. I’ve learned to better listen and communicate in any environment.

Gil’s facilitation style was the real differentiator. His workshops were transformative for me." 

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Danny Arguetty, University of Washington's Mindfulness Program Coordinator

"Gil makes the art of skillful communication accessible, applicable to real life, and a conduit for increased awareness and impactful self-development."  

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Susan Ruzic, Assistant Director of Social Justice at BC Teacher's Federation

“As an educator, I see how valuable it would be to use this work in our classrooms, schools and other educational settings.  We can create more peaceful and connected settings with our students and colleagues by learning and using these communication skills that helps others feel heard and fosters a connection of belonging. “


Will R Osmun, Vice President & Chief Strategist and Grand Rapids Urban League 

“I’ve gained tools I use in all aspects of my life. This work helps me see conflict as an opportunity to explore differences, and allows for deeper understanding. Gil’s process a very dynamic, entertaining and engaging. Willing to go with the flow of his students, he is able to shift directions to stay 1/2 a step of ahead, gently and confidently leading them though a very complex and meaning process.” 


Sarah Foster, Neuroradiologist at Hackensack Medical Center

“Embodied Conversations is an outstanding framework to approach even the most charged of situations in a compassionate and productive way. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to achieve a greater understanding of how and why they show up in conversation the way they do. I found this course to be both enlightening and empowering in ways I will carry with me for life.”


Leah green, founder and director, Compassionate Listening Project

“Over the past two decades, I've taught compassionate listening to thousands of participants around the world – in war and post-conflict zones, in academic, business, and religious settings, as well as in community halls and living rooms.  During that time I have encountered a small number of people with the unique life experience, leadership skills, capacity for compassion and passion for the work, who seemed to be born to lead this work. Gil is one of these individuals."

More from workshop participants: 

"Inspired me to want to practice this more around difficult topics." A.M

"Skills that really evolve the conversation . Wonderful." J.S

"We could have just kept going for a couple more hours" S.F

"Really Useful" R.F

"Very Effective" N.O

"Gil has a gifted ability to step outside / see from afar and articulate the reality in a way that is clear, non judgmental, compassionate and directive, yet open to individuals." T.E

"You were born for this work. Thank you for sharing it with us and embodying it as well." A.C

“Kind, compassionate and very skilled. From the minute I first connected with Gil I knew I was in the right hands.” C.R

“One of Gil’s greatest strengths is his ability to hold an audience and to create a warm, safe and compassionate environment" G.S

With regards to open communication, Gil leads by example"  H.D

Gil is very Grounding and passionate about this topic, which made for a comfortable atmosphere and experience" C.M

Gil possess enthusiasm, gentleness, strong presence and sense of humble gratitude and love." J.N

"Ability to facilitate in an inclusive and compassionate way" M.D

"Good natured, intelligent, amazingly skilled"  R.E

"A great speaker who can relate to his audience" R.B

“Keep playing. You’re awesome.” M.M