I am a coach, trainer, speaker, and facilitator in the areas of personal development, human connection, authentic leadership, and conflict resolution.

My passion for this work stems from my upbringing. I was born and raised in Israel where I experienced the dynamics of political conflict first-hand, both as a civilian and a combatant. Moving to the U.S shortly after my military service, I began to reflect on the imprint those experiences left on me, the trauma still lodged in my own body, and the broader social implications of such experiences.

I realized that we when we carry those experiences of conflict in our matrix, both individually and collectively, we perceive our world through the lens of our pain. We become fragmented and lose our sense of connection to ourselves and to others. We then allow our past to shape our worldview and limit our possibilities in the present moment, and in the future.

Since then, I have gone through countless life-changes and the turmoil they bring. I came out, moved across the world (twice) and changed careers in search of my vocation (three times). I had gone through major breakups and countless other experiences of pain and grief.

Each time I had to learn how to tap into my true power: heal, adapt, and skillfully evolve beyond those experiences into a fuller and brighter expression of myself.

Everything I teach I had to embody first. So I know first hand that change is possible, and the tools required can be learned. I have been spending the last 14 years bringing healing to individuals and communities, inspiring personal and collective transformation. 

I have trained teams and businesses to invoke a thriving work culture. I have inspired audiences of thousands speaking at colleges across the country on topics such as the power of listening and gender equality. I have collaborated with the leadership team of Seattle’s Restorative Justice Initiative, creating community-based, non-punitive solutions to conflict. I co-lead annual delegations to Palestine and Israel with The Compassionate Listening Project, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to transform conflict and strengthen cultures of peace. I coach privately, and lead workshops and retreats globally.

I am a Certified Trainer with the Heart Math Institute and a Certified Facilitator with The Compassionate Listening Project. I have also trained at Susan Scott’s Fierce Conversations, Dominic Barter's Restorative Circles, Core Energetics, META (Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches), Cortiva’s 1,000-hour massage therapy program, and shamanism.

I would love to support you on your journey.