I have a completely different quality of life and experiencing, I am clear about my vocation and my life is full of love and connection. This would not have happened if it hadn’t been for this work.
I am so grateful for you, Gil.
— KS
When I first started there was so much fear in my body. And now, as I’ve embarked on a path of integrity and authenticity with you, the world is reciprocating in such a big way. Beautiful opportunities keep coming my way.
— MH
I can’t believe that I’ve only met with you 3 times and the Universe is already rearranging itself in my support!! I can’t even imagine where this will take me in the future.
— NH
I thought I must give you some evidence-based data about your influence over my health status. This morning my BP was 120/70 and my pulse 49, which used to be my measurements before my cardiac problems started. As a medical doctor, I would have thought it impossible for such changes to come about in such a short period of time.
— CR
Hi Gil - I just wanted to send a note letting you know how powerful and healing my experience with you has been. I am beginning to understand that the thing that I most loathed and feared is begining to change and shift into something else entirely as I have loosened up and began to make space for it. I am beginning to grasp that this part of me is my teacher - that it just might contain all the lessons I truly desire to learn. Holding space for fear, emotion, curiosity in various settings, esp like we did in such a powerful way recently has been transformational. I feel big movements within me, and that makes me excited. I just wanted to thank you. Your skill and attentiveness as a healer are powerful and sincerely appreciated.
— DH