Gil has captivated audiences of thousands with his powerful talks, exploring complex topics with clarity and authenticity. Through personal stories of his upbringing in Israel, and his experience leading peace delegations in the Middle East, Gil has a first-hand and deeply personal understanding of how experiences of conflict, both personally and collectively, shape our beliefs and, consequently, our reality.

He offers enlightening and awe-inspiring examples of how transformation can be achieved in conflict environments that have previously been at a stalemate, as well as relatable examples of how his teachings can be practically applied to everyday life and relationships.

Gil’s presentation style is personal, charismatic, humble, insightful, well researched and well referenced. Despite the depth and complexity of his subject matter, he maintains a healthy balance between gravitas and lightness in his teaching. He achieves this through use of personal anecdotes, quotes from relevant political and academic figures, and cites from ground breaking research findings in his field. With a background in theater, Gil is a natural born public speaker that inspires individuals and organizations to elevate their mode of communication, deepen connection, and foster empathy and inclusivity needed for personal and collective prosperity.  


Watch Gil's recent talk on the Power of Compassionate Listening

“Gil’s work brings hope for positive change, both individually and globally, and his expertise is more relevant and important today than ever before”