Compassionate Listening Journeys

Gil co-leads annual delegations to the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict organized by The Compassionate Listening Project. With over 30 delegations to the region, TCLP is one of the oldest organizations engaged in people-to-people peacemaking.  

Our Journey begins in the old city of Jerusalem, a microcosm of the cultural, historic and political intricacies of this conflict. Participants are introduced to Compassionate Listening, a powerful skill set for peace-building in our families, communities, and in all conflict situations.

From there we continue to visit Palestinian and Israeli towns and villages. We engaged with people on both sides, representing voices from the entire political spectrum whose lives are profoundly impacted by this protracted conflict. Our goal during these visits is to understand and dialogue with the person in front of us. Compassionate Listening allows dialogue to take place “heart to heart” and has an entirely different quality than ordinary conversations or debates. 

This journey is incredibly transformative. It is a deep dive into the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and an inspiring immersion in the healing power of dignity and empathy. 

Compassionate Listening skills can be easily applied to all areas of conflict. They are instrumental to anyone who would like to learn how to transcend labels, stereotypes and cultural divides, and move beyond the polarization endemic to so many social and political issued of our time.     

Watch Gil’s talk on Compassionate Listening!   

For more information on delegations: The Compassionate Listening Project

“The experience was amazing: eye-opening, mind-bending, and soul-shaking. I would recommend it highly to anyone who really wants to experience, not just visit, the Holy Land.”